Four Degrees West
The Urban Coast Weekender was an imagined alternative festival brief, starting in 2023 in South Wales. The aim of the campaign was to utilise and celebrate the proximity of Swansea city centre with the sea, encouraging people to try out the alternatives in Swansea. I was challenged creatively to find the appropriate balance between 'alternative' and clear visual communication to allow the festival to be 'visible' to the public and target audience.
Due to the alternative nature of the brief I opted to consider other ways of incorporating creativity into the project, therefore I used scrap items (e.g old toothbrush, sticks, bubble wrap etc) and black ink to make creative marks that could potentially become part of the brand identity. I further developed these marks digitally and through experimentation and consideration the festivals brand identity was created around a selection of marks. 
Deliverables: A3 poster, bus shelter poster, A5 double sided flyer, skateboard design, surfboard design, temporary tattoos, tote bags, mural.

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