Ulterior Silvery Jewellery
I was tasked to design a website for a new manufacturer or retailer named 'Ulterior...' that contained at least five product categories. I decided to design a website for a UK based silver jewellery retailer, that sold a variety of modern silver jewellery pieces for their target audience. I wanted this UX design to have a modern, sleek and stylish style but was very user-friendly to make the purchasing process as smooth as possible. I managed to achieve this by utilising accent colours, a cohesive brand identity that included a sparkle to add connection to jewellery and finally clear typography throughout. 
User experience designing requires careful preparation and consideration before the design process begins, above I show some of my initial planning of pages and how each element is going to work. Taking this time in the process allows the final website to be more user friendly overall.
Deliverables: UX designing and process, full brand identity, brand guidelines book, content map and planning, full working WIX website.

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